Reset - BeCalm

Relax - BeCool

Intention - BeCalm

Healing - BeCalm

Believe - BeCalm

Clear - BeCalm

Alive - BeCalm

Love - BeCalm

Peace - BeCalm

Rejuvenation - BeCool

Downloading instructions

1.     From your computer web browser go to:

2.     Select recording that matches the purchased gift card

3.     Enter code found in the gray box on the back of the gift card in the web browser dialog box

4.     Click Submit

5.     Enter your email address in the dialog box

6.     Check box that you are 13 years of age.

7.     Click submit

8.     Click Download All Button

9.     Files are downloaded to a .zip file

10.Click Show All – to locate your file. Files are located in your download folder on your Computer’s hard drive

11.Open zip file by double-clicking.

12.Open iTunes or other music application

13.Import, (File – Add to Library)

14.Locate: Download folder

15.Select Mp3 files,  Select Open Button

16.Files are now in your music library (iTunes, etc)

17.Search Music library, for title of mp3 file (ie. Alive, Intention, etc)

18.Listen and drop into deep relaxation.